Off The Wall

Pictured at the Blarney Woollen Mills a week ago.

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Don’t go to bed reading a photographic book, you’ll get up again to “try out” the new techniques you read about.


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    Budi December 21, 2005

    I like the object that you’ve tried to catch and nice composition also. Donncha, was the sky really clear? Or did you something of post-processing?

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    Donncha December 21, 2005

    Thanks Budi, that was the colour of the sky, and it was that clear! 10 minutes later clouds gathered and by the time we came down from the castle the day was a lot duller!

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    Budi December 21, 2005

    Wow, it’s really a lucky day. Thanks, for your comment in my last entry. I’ve answered it. Btw, thanks for your ‘link of the day’ today. I like that stuff. Do you have a plan to place it at the other place in this photoblog? I mean, I prefer not to combine the link and the photo in one entry. Just my opinion 🙂

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    eterisk February 18, 2006

    The composition and colours are stunning in this. I really like how you take something common and turn it into soemthing beautiful. Great work.

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