Hotel Los Fariones

hotel los fariones

Snow? Ice? Cold rain and biting wind? What are you talking about? Look at the sunshine streaming down through the palm trees! The swimming pool is nice and refreshing.

I can dream can’t I? This is the view from our room in Hotel Los Fariones in Puerto Del Carmen. Lovely hotel, and while we were there in May 2006 it was nice and quiet. Breakfast is great, although their sausages tasted strange and I still remember that almost 3 years later. Beds were *very* hard. My wife and I had to get a massage by the end of our stay to get rid of the aches and pains from lying on them.

By the last weekend it was busier and I swear, I know it’s an urban myth, but I heard German tourists rushing out to put their towels on the pool loungers first thing in the morning. Looks like I’m not the only one to experience this early morning rush:

  1. Sun lounger towel annexation declared illegal
  2. German sun lounger issue settled
  3. Sun lounger law rules towels illegal
  4. If I actually used the loungers much (I prefered to use them in the late afternoon when it was cooler) I should have followed the advice in the comments here.
    The trick to beating this tactic and not having to deal with the angry sunbather when they return is to leave the towel on the ground and move the entire chair somewhere else.

Camera dDP series

Puerto Del Carmen Boats

Puerto Del Carmen Boats

I could post a photo of the snow that fell this morning in Blarney but I think everyone is sick of the cold weather. Instead here’s a photo from my honeymoon in Lanzarote. This was taken in Puerto Del Carmen on a roasting hot day when even the ground was too hot to touch!

More sunny photos to follow! :)

Aperture ƒ/5
Camera DMC-FZ5
Focal length 6mm
ISO 80
Shutter speed 1/400s

Dan Lowrey’s Tavern

Dan Lowrey's Tavern

Dan Lowrey’s Tavern on Mc Curtain Street, scene of our brush with car trouble yesterday. It was a stroke of luck we found parking just outside this pub!

I’d write more, but my head is stuffy, my sinuses are blocked and I’m feeling under the weather. Hope my car is repaired tomorrow!

Aperture ƒ/4.5
Camera Canon EOS 40D
Focal length 18mm
ISO 400
Shutter speed 1/50s

Waiting for the AA

Waiting for the AA

I’m glad my wife Jacinta insisted we join AA Ireland. I’ve had over 15 years of almost trouble free driving (ok, the electrics in my Alfa 147 died once, but stopping and starting the engine fixed that, and it’s an Alfa Romeo, what do you expect?) but this morning as we drove into town and approached Mc Curtain Street in the lashing rain and howling wind the windscreen wipers stuttered.

The wipers slowed down, they stopped, then started again, and just as we got through the lights at Coburg Street and Bridge Street they stopped completely. Jacinta was driving and I have to applaud her for keeping her calm as rain water streamed down the window, obscuring her view. Luckily we spotted a parking space just outside Dan Lowrey’s Pub further down the road. She pulled in, tried the controls but there wasn’t a budge from the wipers.

It was a really lousy thing to happen. In the lashing rain, in the worst storm of the new year our car couldn’t be driven. If it had been bright and sunny we could have carried on our way. It’s only the wipers. For weeks we had cold dry weather with clear skies. The only upside, was that we parked directly outside that pub. Jacinta and Adam and all our gear went into the pub and I waited (with Oscar our dog) for the various service people to come and help. Anthony, the owner of Dan Lowrey’s Pub made us all very welcome, and I can’t recommend his establishment enough!

After ringing the AA, a mechanic soon called out, declared the wiper motor dead and arranged for our car to be towed back to Blarney. Our cover included a replacement car for 48 hours and eventually someone from Enterprise Rentals rang and my sister (thank you!!) took us out to the Kinsale Road to pick up a 08 Opel Astra.

OK, it’s only an Astra, but it’s been a few years since I drove a newish car. It has bluetooth which I connected to my N73 and couldn’t resist calling Jacinta later while she was out. Sound quality from the radio is good, and while the ride is a bit harder than the Renault Megane I drive now it was comfortable. I must admit the indicator and wiper controls are fiddly. They spring back to the central position again. Very odd.

The Renault Megane is with Barry at Blarney Auto Centre so hopefully he’ll have it fixed before I have to return the rental car.

Already thinking of what to buy to replace the Megane. Any time something goes wrong with it, I hear, “Oh yeah, that goes wrong with these cars a lot.” The Toyota Corollas I’ve owned kept driving and driving and driving, so I’m tempted to go for that model again. The Ford Focus gets a lot of good press too. I’ll be buying used. I think it’s going to be many years before I can afford to buy a new car, and anyway, they really aren’t worth it. Depreciation on ’em is terrible!

Aperture ƒ/4
Camera Canon EOS 40D
Focal length 18mm
ISO 100
Shutter speed 1/50s