Queen’s Old Castle

Queen’s Old Castle After yesterday’s shot I decided to take a photo of the Virgin Megastore which now occupies the site of the old Queen’s Old Castle Shopping Center. Off to the left is the entrance to Argos. No misleading titles today! Shot was taken with the camera lying on the ground and I can […]

A Virgin in Cork

A Virgin in Cork Taken outside the Virgin Megastore on the Grand Parade Cork. People use this area to meet all the time so there’s always a good crowd. The building behind me was the location of the Queen’s Old Castle shopping center which was named for Queen Victoria.

Ladder to nowhere

Ladder to nowhere Castle Street, Cork on Saturday. Workmen went off to lunch and left their ladder. Thanks for the positive feedback yesterday. It was great to see so much interest in a photo!

Texting Texting Texting

Texting Texting Texting Texting.. some people send hundreds of texts every day. How sore are their fingers?

Sex or Chocolates

Sex or Chocolates What is their body language saying? This couple were standing still on Princes Street for a good while and I sensed something was amiss. Pictured in the background is the shop front of Ann Summers. The byline in the window reads “Sex or Chocolates”

The Old Lady of Madrid

The Old Lady of Madrid Way back in 2003 I visited my friend Cachu and her family in Madrid. I had a great time there and took a load of photos but it was months later before I posted any photos. This is a shot of an old woman sitting in a park enjoying the […]

What’s next?

What’s next? A group of people pictured on Patrick’s Street last December

I’m Texting

I’m Texting More of the mobile generation

Here Feen! Give us dat, boy!

Here Feen! Give us dat, boy! Couple of local lads pictured in front of the Savoy, Patrick’s Street, Cork.

Lighting Up

Lighting Up Shot on Patrick Street, Cork a few weeks back.

Reading on the street

Reading on the street Patrick Street last weekend. I think it’s an Argus Argos catalogue he’s reading.

Parked Bikes

Parked Bikes Bikes parked on Grand Parade a few weeks ago.

The Look, Dad, The Yawn

The Look, Dad, The Yawn An experiment in high-key cross processing. Pictured on Patrick Street, Cork. Howto and what is cross processing? Cross-processing has been around for as long as film has, and is a way of making your images more interesting and abstract by literally mixing colours. I followed the simple instructions here which […]

I hate shopping

I hate shopping A child with a very bored expression in the middle of Christmas shopping!

Coats and Hat

Coats and Hat It’s unusual to see a man wearing a hat like the one above these days. I made this photo on Patrick Street a few weeks ago and love the different textures and the faces!