St Finbarre’s Cathedral Sunset

St Finbarre’s Cathedral Sunset St. Finbarre’s Cathedral, as seen from level 4 of the Grand Parade car park.

City Rainbow

City Rainbow At the top of Patricks Street I noticed a rainbow over the city.

Chatting and Shopping

Chatting and Shopping Two girls pictured on Patricks Street, October 1st 2005. This is one of the US photos I forgot to post! Minor US trivia: It was mislabeled in the US book as Sharing.

Flying Skateboarder

Flying Skateboarder Shortly after taking this shot I was urged to move “because some of the guys want to come off the side of the ramp”. I quickly complied.

Us on the tower

Us on the tower Painted with the light of a torch on a round tower in a local church yard late at night. If you look carefully you can even see stars in the sky! This page has some information about that tower: The round tower in Waterloo (approx. 1 mile from Blarney) … … […]

Building a City Sunset

Building a City Sunset.

Choo! Choo!

Choo! Choo!.



Rooftops and streets

Rooftops and streets.

Craning to see the sky

Craning to see the sky.