A pot of gold in the fields of Kerry

A pot of gold in the fields of Kerry

This is my desktop background. I love it! After Inch Strand on the way to Dingle in County Kerry the road gets very narrow and winds through the hills before coming down to sea level again. The picture above should be a familiar scene to anyone who has travelled that road!

The day we drove down to Dingle was a stormy one but the sun suddenly broke through the clouds and I had to pull over and get half a dozen shots of the beautiful golden light, the countryside and the rainbow. Stunning, even if I do say so myself!

Since I had one request for print prices, I uploaded this to Red Bubble. Check out A pot of gold in the fields of Kerry over there. Lots of print options.

Aperture ƒ/5.6
Camera Canon EOS 40D
Focal length 10mm
ISO 400
Shutter speed 1/250s

Bird’s eye view of Montmorency Falls

Birds eye view of Montmorency Falls

Montmorency Falls in Quebec, as seen from the top of the nearby hill. Lots of steps to walk up!

PS. In unrelated news, I received the following email from Siobhán Duggan:

Hi Donncha,
while doing some research on the lough recently I came across your blog regarding a Lough Photography day you organised last year. You may be aware of the diminishing population of wildlife in the Lough over the past few months. I am part of a voluntary organisation called JCI Cork (junior chamber international) and as a group we have decided to fundraise for the Lough by holding a table quiz in the Hawthorn Bar near the Lough. I have attached a flyer that you might please send to some of your colleagues that may be interested in supporting the Lough by taking a table on the night (Friday November 6th). Business in the area have been very supportive by giving prizes for the raffle and for the winners on the night so it should be a great night as well as raising money for a much loved amenity,

Kind Regards,

Email them at cork @jci-ireland.org (remove the space before the @) if you’re interested in going. A table of 4 costs 40 Euro. I don’t think I’ll be going (baby sitters, etc to organise) but it should be a good night!

Aperture ƒ/8
Camera Canon EOS 40D
Focal length 18mm
ISO 100
Shutter speed 1/30s