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Doneraile Deer

Aperture ƒ/7.1
Camera Canon EOS 20D
Focal length 300mm
ISO 200
Shutter speed 1/400s

Sunset Glow at Doneraile Park

Sunset Glow at Doneraile Park

The setting sun cast a beautiful glow on the trees near Doneraile House in Doneraile Park in November 2006. That was a cold day, wind blew through us despite the warm coats we wore. My wife was pregnant at the time and we were in the park with her sister Gerry so it’s a memorable day for all of us.

Links: Splish splash redux – Ponder has some tips on shooting high speed photos of water and milk drops. Venividi got a few dramatic shots of the fire on North Main Street, Cork last Friday night. I got a few shots on Saturday morning but all that was left of the smoke was a smell in the air.

Aperture ƒ/5
Camera Canon EOS 20D
Focal length 24mm
ISO 200
Shutter speed 1/50s

Doneraile Park Gallery 2

What happens when Photobloggers go to Doneraile Park? You get lots of images, that’s what. Here’s the second installment of photos from our Doneraile Photowalk. Check out the first gallery for more photos of the day. A few of these will eventually make their way into full posts but that may take a while!

I think my favourite photo from the day is this one Katie took of us exploring dilapidated buildings next to the park. Looks very suspect!

  • doneraile_photowalk_126
  • doneraile_photowalk_127
  • doneraile_photowalk_128
  • doneraile_photowalk_129
  • doneraile_photowalk_130
  • doneraile_photowalk_131
  • doneraile_photowalk_132
  • doneraile_photowalk_133
  • doneraile_photowalk_134
  • doneraile_photowalk_135
  • doneraile_photowalk_136
  • doneraile_photowalk_137
  • doneraile_photowalk_138
  • doneraile_photowalk_139
  • doneraile_photowalk_140
  • doneraile_photowalk_141
  • doneraile_photowalk_142
  • doneraile_photowalk_143
  • doneraile_photowalk_144
  • doneraile_photowalk_145
  • doneraile_photowalk_146
  • doneraile_photowalk_147
  • doneraile_photowalk_148
  • doneraile_photowalk_149
  • doneraile_photowalk_150
  • doneraile_photowalk_151
  • doneraile_photowalk_152
  • doneraile_photowalk_153
  • doneraile_photowalk_154
  • doneraile_photowalk_155
  • doneraile_photowalk_156
  • doneraile_photowalk_157
  • doneraile_photowalk_158
  • doneraile_photowalk_159
  • doneraile_photowalk_160
  • doneraile_photowalk_161
  • doneraile_photowalk_162
  • doneraile_photowalk_163
  • doneraile_photowalk_164
  • doneraile_photowalk_165
  • doneraile_photowalk_166
  • doneraile_photowalk_167
  • doneraile_photowalk_168
  • doneraile_photowalk_169
  • doneraile_photowalk_170
  • doneraile_photowalk_171
  • doneraile_photowalk_172
  • doneraile_photowalk_173
  • doneraile_photowalk_174
  • doneraile_photowalk_175
  • doneraile_photowalk_176
  • doneraile_photowalk_177
  • doneraile_photowalk_178
  • doneraile_photowalk_179
  • doneraile_photowalk_180
  • doneraile_photowalk_181
  • doneraile_photowalk_182
  • doneraile_photowalk_183
  • doneraile_photowalk_184
  • doneraile_photowalk_185
  • doneraile_photowalk_186
  • doneraile_photowalk_187
  • doneraile_photowalk_188
  • doneraile_photowalk_189
  • doneraile_photowalk_190
  • doneraile_photowalk_191
  • doneraile_photowalk_192
  • doneraile_photowalk_193
  • doneraile_photowalk_194
  • doneraile_photowalk_195
  • doneraile_photowalk_196
  • doneraile_photowalk_197
  • doneraile_photowalk_198
  • doneraile_photowalk_199
  • doneraile_photowalk_200
  • doneraile_photowalk_201
  • doneraile_photowalk_202
  • doneraile_photowalk_203
  • doneraile_photowalk_204
  • doneraile_photowalk_205
  • doneraile_photowalk_206
  • doneraile_photowalk_207
  • doneraile_photowalk_208
  • doneraile_photowalk_209
  • doneraile_photowalk_210
  • doneraile_photowalk_211
  • doneraile_photowalk_212
  • doneraile_photowalk_213
  • doneraile_photowalk_214
  • doneraile_photowalk_215
  • doneraile_photowalk_216
  • doneraile_photowalk_217
  • doneraile_photowalk_218
  • doneraile_photowalk_219

Aperture ƒ/6.3
Camera Canon EOS 20D
Focal length 10mm
ISO 100
Shutter speed 1/125s

Doneraile Park Gallery 1

Yesterday we went to Doneraile Park in Co. Cork for a photowalk. Weather was nice, if overcast and it was very warm so walking around the park was, errr, a walk in the park. Katie has already uploaded a few shots this morning! Looking forward to seeing more from the others.

This is my part 1 of my shots. There’s almost another 100 shots to upload, I think a gallery of 220 or so images might be a bit much ..

  • doneraile_photowalk_01
  • doneraile_photowalk_02
  • doneraile_photowalk_03
  • doneraile_photowalk_04
  • doneraile_photowalk_05
  • doneraile_photowalk_06
  • doneraile_photowalk_07
  • doneraile_photowalk_08
  • doneraile_photowalk_09
  • doneraile_photowalk_10
  • doneraile_photowalk_11
  • doneraile_photowalk_12
  • doneraile_photowalk_13
  • doneraile_photowalk_14
  • doneraile_photowalk_15
  • doneraile_photowalk_16
  • doneraile_photowalk_17
  • doneraile_photowalk_18
  • doneraile_photowalk_19
  • doneraile_photowalk_20
  • doneraile_photowalk_21
  • doneraile_photowalk_22
  • doneraile_photowalk_23
  • doneraile_photowalk_24
  • doneraile_photowalk_25
  • doneraile_photowalk_26
  • doneraile_photowalk_27
  • doneraile_photowalk_28
  • doneraile_photowalk_29
  • doneraile_photowalk_30
  • doneraile_photowalk_31
  • doneraile_photowalk_32
  • doneraile_photowalk_33
  • doneraile_photowalk_34
  • doneraile_photowalk_35
  • doneraile_photowalk_36
  • doneraile_photowalk_37
  • doneraile_photowalk_38
  • doneraile_photowalk_39
  • doneraile_photowalk_40
  • doneraile_photowalk_41
  • doneraile_photowalk_42
  • doneraile_photowalk_43
  • doneraile_photowalk_44
  • doneraile_photowalk_45
  • doneraile_photowalk_46
  • doneraile_photowalk_47
  • doneraile_photowalk_48
  • doneraile_photowalk_49
  • doneraile_photowalk_50
  • doneraile_photowalk_51
  • doneraile_photowalk_52
  • doneraile_photowalk_53
  • doneraile_photowalk_54
  • doneraile_photowalk_55
  • doneraile_photowalk_56
  • doneraile_photowalk_57
  • doneraile_photowalk_58
  • doneraile_photowalk_59
  • doneraile_photowalk_60
  • doneraile_photowalk_61
  • doneraile_photowalk_62
  • doneraile_photowalk_63
  • doneraile_photowalk_64
  • doneraile_photowalk_65
  • doneraile_photowalk_66
  • doneraile_photowalk_67
  • doneraile_photowalk_68
  • doneraile_photowalk_69
  • doneraile_photowalk_70
  • doneraile_photowalk_71
  • doneraile_photowalk_72
  • doneraile_photowalk_73
  • doneraile_photowalk_74
  • doneraile_photowalk_75
  • doneraile_photowalk_76
  • doneraile_photowalk_77
  • doneraile_photowalk_78
  • doneraile_photowalk_79
  • doneraile_photowalk_80
  • doneraile_photowalk_81
  • doneraile_photowalk_82
  • doneraile_photowalk_83
  • doneraile_photowalk_84
  • doneraile_photowalk_85
  • doneraile_photowalk_86
  • doneraile_photowalk_87
  • doneraile_photowalk_88
  • doneraile_photowalk_89
  • doneraile_photowalk_90
  • doneraile_photowalk_91
  • doneraile_photowalk_92
  • doneraile_photowalk_93
  • doneraile_photowalk_94
  • doneraile_photowalk_95
  • doneraile_photowalk_96
  • doneraile_photowalk_97
  • doneraile_photowalk_98
  • doneraile_photowalk_99
  • doneraile_photowalk_100
  • doneraile_photowalk_101
  • doneraile_photowalk_102
  • doneraile_photowalk_103
  • doneraile_photowalk_104
  • doneraile_photowalk_105
  • doneraile_photowalk_106
  • doneraile_photowalk_107
  • doneraile_photowalk_108
  • doneraile_photowalk_109
  • doneraile_photowalk_110
  • doneraile_photowalk_111
  • doneraile_photowalk_112
  • doneraile_photowalk_113
  • doneraile_photowalk_114
  • doneraile_photowalk_115
  • doneraile_photowalk_116
  • doneraile_photowalk_117
  • doneraile_photowalk_118
  • doneraile_photowalk_119
  • doneraile_photowalk_120
  • doneraile_photowalk_121
  • doneraile_photowalk_122
  • doneraile_photowalk_123
  • doneraile_photowalk_124
  • doneraile_photowalk_125

Aperture ƒ/7.1
Camera Canon EOS 20D
Focal length 10mm
ISO 100
Shutter speed 1/125s

Doneraile Photowalkers

Doneraile Photowalkers

I had a busy day today. This morning I became aware that hackers had started using WordPress blogs they had previously hacked to redirect search engine queries. So I spent this morning working on a post about that hacking issue. No wonder we were late for the photowalk this afternoon.

Shown above are almost all the photowalkers. My wife isn’t included as she was in the car, but from left to right, here are the rest: Andrew, Katie, Kevin, Will, me (Donncha), and my son Adam. Adam didn’t take any photos but he was an integral part of the day! Thank you all for coming along. It was nice to see the same faces again. I’m never sure about landscape shots but I shot a few nice ones. Got plenty of deer shots too! Just before we got back to the car it started to rain lightly, and by the time we got home to Blarney the rain was bucketing down. Looks like we got the best of the day!

Shot was taken in Program mode, with fill in flash of +2EV to illuminate the wide angle view of the lens.

Aperture ƒ/5.6
Camera Canon EOS 20D
Focal length 12mm
ISO 100
Shutter speed 1/80s

Doneraile Photowalk on June 8th

The month of June is going to be a busy and exciting one as the Midsummer Festival will be in full swing! To avoid clashes with any other event I think it’s better if the photowalk in Doneraile, Co. Cork be on Sunday June 8th before it starts at all.

Where: Doneraile Park, Co. Cork.
When: Sunday, 8th June. 3pm
Directions: Leave Cork going north through Blackpool towards Blarney and Mallow. Pass through Mallow and keep on the main road until you get to “New Twopothouse”. Doneraile town is sign posted there so take a right. When you get to the town go through it to the other side. You’ll see Doneraile Park sign posted. See the Google Map above, or check this one for the route.

Doneraile Park is a beautiful park with at least one river running through it, a small weir near the carpark. Deer and livestock can often be seen in some areas of the park as can fowl like ducks or swans. Doneraile House overlooks a large part of the park and is famous because a member of that household was the only female Freemason. The house was closed the last time I was there and I’m not sure if it’s ever open to the public. It faces north from what I can remember so you’d have to be there before noon to catch any sun on the front of the house.

If you’re going to blog about this, or post photos afterwards, please tag them “corkphotowalk” so anyone interested can find them easily!


Cork Midsummer Festival

If you can’t make it to Doneraile on the 8th, there’s still plenty happening in the weeks after as the festival starts on the 15th and continues for 3 weeks. I’m particularly interested in the following, mainly because they’re outdoors, and as they are in public places, photography won’t be a problem.

  • Sunday, June 15th from noon to 6pm. The Lord Mayor’s picnic in the park. Fun and games and food stalls in Fitzgerald’s Park, Cork. I was there a few years ago. Lots to see, plenty to photograph, although we’ll have to be considerate of children.
  • Saturday, June 21st. Shandon Street Festival. Music and entertainment on the street all day. At 1pm in front of Brown Thomas there will be a Bicycle Ballet. It lasts 30 minutes. Must try catch both.
  • Saturday and Sunday, June 28th to 29th. Senszione. Sounds like a weird fairground with unusual looking rides. Unfortunately it’s at 6.30pm, 7.45pm and 9pm. Both earlier times are bad for me, but I’ll try for 9pm. Bad light then of course but it can’t be helped.
  • Saturday, July 5th. Robodock. IAWS Warehouse, Cork Docklands at 3pm and 8pm. I’ll be going to the 3pm show. Remember those weird iron sculptures in Emmett Place on St. Patrick’s Day? Lots more of them. The Docklands is due to be developed so it’s worth getting down there if for no other reason than to record something that won’t be able to happen there again.

I almost forgot. The Cork City Marathon is on Monday, June 2nd. Grab your place at the finish line!

Phew. It’s going to be a busy month!

Doneraile Park Stream

Water flows through Doneraile Park on a cold November afternoon. Despite the late season, leaves still cling to the branches of nearby trees although they’ve turned golden-orange and make a beautiful covering on the ground.

I was quite surprised that the Wikipedia page for Doneraile didn’t mention Elizabeth Aldworth, one of only three female members of a regular Masonic Lodge. Doneraile has quite a claim to fame!

I’ll have to get a good shot of Doneraile Court next time I’m down there. The sun was setting behind the building on my last visit so an early trip is necessary. The house is also surrounded by fencing making access impossible but hopefully those repair works will be completed soon!

Late Autumn Leaves

The browns and yellows of Autumn grow darker as the rain soaks in and leaves disintegrate on the ground. A bench stands tall in the distance at Doneraile Park, Co. Cork.