Cork Photos


Waaaaahhh! On Patrick Street a few weeks ago.

Red Sky At Night

Red Sky At Night Red sky after a beautiful sunset in Garrettstown last Sunday. The original high-res version is even better!

Eating or Politics?

Eating or Politics? Sometimes it’s the little things in life that concern us more than the big picture. I’m sure I heard about Sean Garland on the news but for the life of me, I can’t remember when. There’s a lot more information on him on and Wikipedia.

Faces in the crowd

Faces in the crowd This is not just a trick of the zoom lens. The crowds in town on Saturday were like those around Christmas. Christmas lights are already up, but not lit, and there was an urgent air about the place. This is the second shot of this scene and it turned out much […]

Remembering Cork

Remembering Cork [1] [2] The corner of Patrick’s Quay and Patrick’s Bridge in the 1930s and 2005. I barely remember Merchants Quay as a street lined with old 3 storey houses before the large shopping complex was built there and opened in 1989. 1930s picture taken by Robert Day, copyright Amy and Chris Ramsden, taken […]

Waving at you!

Waving at you! He was holding a promotional sign in the middle of Patrick Street so I don’t feel too bad about looking over his shoulder and snapping this shot!

Patrick Street Lights

Patrick Street Lights Car lights become abstract lasers of light along the main street of Cork City. In unrelated news, this morning I had to go to the hospital because something got stuck underneath the eyelid of my left eye yesterday. I could feel it there, my eye was weeping, it was sore and annoying. […]

Man in the middle

Man in the middle Waiting to cross Patricks Street, Cork.

No Litter!

No Litter! People are dirty and they litter our streets with packaging, plastic wrappers and junk.

Anyone For Jazz?

Anyone For Jazz? This weekend (today is a bank holiday) is the Cork Jazz Festival. People from all over the world come to Cork to participate – to play, to listen, or just get drunk and enjoy the festivities!

Cork Boi!

Cork Boi! This young lad came running straight at me on Patrick’s Street with a big grin on his face with his mother following breathlessly after him! I was with John and Ryan at the time. John came all the way down from Galway, the weather was bad but I’m glad we got out to […]

Cork City People

Cork City People A city is made up of all sorts of people.

Photoblogger/Flickr Meetup at Clarion Hotel Tomorrow!

If you have a camera, run a photoblog or you’re in town, there will be a meet up tomorrow in Cork! Everyone will gather in front of the Clarion Hotel at 2pm tomorrow where we’ll plan our photographic assault on the city! It’s also the Jazz Weekend here in Cork so there’ll be plenty of […]

St Finbarre’s Cathedral Sunset

St Finbarre’s Cathedral Sunset St. Finbarre’s Cathedral, as seen from level 4 of the Grand Parade car park.


Beer! Top of Patricks Street, go across the bridge and look between the traffic lights.. Takes me bloody ages to walk around town!