Cork City Gaol

World War 1 Lee Enfield

World War One Lee Enfield Rifle

The remains of a World War One Lee Enfield rifle found somewhere in France or Belgium. It’s heavily corroded and the wood used in it’s construction is almost completely gone. I dread to think what action it saw or what happened to it’s owner. This was on display at the military show in Cork City […]

LMG and Ammunition Box

Gun Barrel and Ammo Box

A heavy machine gun on display in Cork City Gaol in August last year. Aperture ƒ/10 Camera Canon EOS 40D Focal length 72mm ISO 400 Shutter speed 1/200s

Romanes Eunt Domus

Romanes Eunt Domus

Romans go home! No! It’s “Romani ite Domum”! Ah, the Life of Brian. What a film. Great fun that was. At a military show in Cork City Gaol last year we saw a display of Roman Legions fighting and a small history lesson in the life and times back then. It was a fascinating display […]