Chicago Photos

Sad Face?

Sad Face? Second of the Crown Fountains in Millenium Park, Chicago. The tent in the background covered The Bean and wasn’t due to be removed for a few weeks.

Crown Fountain in Millenium Park Chicago

Crown Fountainin Millenium Park Chicago This is one of the Crown Fountains in Millennium Park, Chicago. The red glow in this photo is from that large image! It’s actually a video, the person pictured smiles and changes expression every few seconds, and the face changes on a regular basis. I didn’t know this was here […]

Duck: “Who’s that then?”

Duck: "Who’s that then?" I love when animals and birds look at you with a tilt of their heads as if inquisitive. What is this duck saying? “There’s that guy with the camera again! Why does he keeping taking photos of me and my man?” “What’s that thing he’s pointing at me?” “I wonder if […]

Duck on Red

Duck on Red A duck in Millenium Park, Chicago last May. Bet you’re wondering what is casting that red glow on the water? All will be revealed on Monday after I post a cute picture of it’s mate!

Tartan Baby

Tartan Baby While we supped our coffee in Starbucks in Marshall Fields a baby and her mother were busy playing and enjoying each other’s company at the next table. Jacinta asked if I could take a photo of them and this is the result!

What a big smile!

What a big smile! While wandering the streets of Chicago taking in the sights a young boy and his mother passed me. He had the biggest grin on his face when he saw my camera and smiled gleefully when I took this shot! Pictured in front of H&M on the Magnificent Mile near the John […]

Fade to white

Fade to white A building on South Wabash, Chicago. I was on my way to Central Camera and just loved the leading lines when I looked up! I debated with myself about removing the building on the right but left it in for context. Wabash runs parallel with State Street but is much narrower and […]

Dolphins Leaping at Shedd

Dolphins Leaping at Shedd Dolphins leap into the air at the Shedd Aquarium in Chicago.

From Madison to Sears

From Madison to Sears I worked in the heart of the financial district of Chicago in the summer of 2003. Each morning I took the brown line of the L to Washington/Wells and walked the two blocks to the building where I worked. This is the view only a few blocks away. You can see […]