Your vehicle has been clamped

Your vehicle has been clamped This is the sign that drivers hate to see. Clampers are a relatively new phenomenon in Ireland but are reviled even more than traffic wardens now.

The Craft Fair is now on!

The Craft Fair is now on! A craft fair was recently held in the Unitarian Church on Prince’s Street. I have been dying to get into the building and see what it’s like on the inside for ages so we jumped at the chance. We like visiting these fairs too so it was doubly good. […]

Metal Pattern

Metal Pattern The metal cover of a drain in the street attracted my attention particularly as it caught the low sun and sparkled in my eye.

A boy on St. Patrick’s Street

A boy on St. Patrick’s Street Just outside Boots he stopped in front of me, what could I do but make this image? He was waiting for his parents to catch up but I liked the contrast between him and the busy world around him. He rejoined that world moments later. A moment in time.

Yellow Lines

Yellow Lines A different viewpoint on Drawbridge Street, Cork. Yes, I do get funny looks as I crouch or lie in the gutter taking photographs.

Family of Shadows

Family of Shadows Waiting to cross a busy street in Cork.

Helping Hand

Helping Hand I always think twice about photographing homeless people, but this time I was moved by the simple act of sharing a cigarette.

Picadilly Lane

Picadilly Lane Cork has it’s own Picadilly, Picadilly Lane leads off North Main Street and is situated next to the butchers I featured previously. A quick search of Google didn’t find anything about it but hopefully someone will stumble across this post and add whatever knowledge they have about this small lane.

Selection of Gardening Equipment

Selection of Gardening Equipment Side view of a hardware and tool shop on the corner of North Main Street and Kyle Street.

No. 5

No. 5 The door of a garage on French’s Quay, Cork. Not quite the Number 5 I remember but I Like the colours!

Red Dragon

Red Dragon A Welsh flag pictured inside a window. This is just down the road from St. Fin Barre’s Cathedral in Cork and is probably student accommodation because it’s close to UCC too.

The changing face of Cork City

The changing face of Cork City O’Flynn Butchers used to operate from this shop until very recently. With the influx of immigrants into Ireland, North Main Street has become a lot more interesting with shops dedicated to the cuisine of other cultures!

Street Talking

Street Talking Two gents pictured on Winthrop Street Cork several weeks ago.

Dancing in the street

Dancing in the street All by himself, but he was enjoying the band that were playing a few feet away!

Kilkenny Alley

Kilkenny Alley One of the well preserved medieval alleyways leading off the main street in Kilkenny.