Fog Laden Trees

Fog Laden Trees Trees in Blarney on a foggy day

Swans in darkness

Swans in darkness Swans pictured at The Lough last night.

A rose by any other colour

A rose by any other colour One of the Blarney Castle roses. The original was very saturated and detail was lost in the bright red of the petals. Making a monochrome image made the detail stand out and drops became visible again. A little dodge and burn to finish.

Castle in Monochrome

Castle in Monochrome Blarney Castle, taken moments before clouds completely covered the sky.

The Claw

The Claw A tree in Blarney Castle Gardens

Red Blarney Roses

Red Blarney Roses While out with Matt this fine morning we walked over to Blarney Castle. Just inside the railings are some beautiful red roses. I just had to take advantage of the beautifulsunshine and snap off a few shots! Photo was desaturated, and the red and yellow channels were restored afterwards to isolate the […]

The Land of Blarney

The Land of Blarney Looking out from Blarney Castle yesterday morning.

Wonderful Colour

Wonderful Colour It’s horrible outside. It’s cold, snow and sleet are falling and the sun hardly warms the air. This reminds me of how nice it was only a few weeks ago. We’re in for a cold weekend!

Winter Trees

Winter Trees

Winter Sky

Winter Sky Taken while we were out walking this afternoon. Beautiful but a little cold.

Garretstown Sunset

Garretstown Sunset A beautiful sunset moments before the red sky pictured earlier!

Red Sky At Night

Red Sky At Night Red sky after a beautiful sunset in Garrettstown last Sunday. The original high-res version is even better!

The Gardener’s House

The Gardener’s House A house in Blarney we spotted while out walking the other day.

Waves Crashing

Waves Crashing It’s very difficult to stop waves. You’ll need a fast shutter speed. If you don’t have a fast lens then stopping down a notch or third, or increasing the ISO will help too. This image was originally quite bland with washed out waves and dark rocks but a little dodging and burning with […]

City Rainbow

City Rainbow At the top of Patricks Street I noticed a rainbow over the city.