Winter Trees

Winter Trees

Winter Sky

Winter Sky Taken while we were out walking this afternoon. Beautiful but a little cold.

Can, the drain

Can, the drain

The Blarney Stone Restaurant

The Blarney Stone Restaurant We’re just back from Blairs Inn in Cloghroe. I can definitely recommend that establishment. I don’t know about this place. To judge by the mail on the ground inside the door I’d say it’s shut for the winter.

Mackey’s in Blarney

Mackey’s in Blarney Mackey’s is a restaurant in Blarney which I have yet to visit. To be honest, I haven’t been to most of the establishments around here and don’t expect to call to this one any time soon. Their prices are just a little expensive. In the reflection you can see The Muskerry Arms, […]

Still Raining in Blarney

Still Raining in Blarney Pictured last Sunday. The sudden downpour didn’t catch this woman out!

Running Through Rain

Running Through Rain We were sitting in the car waiting to pick up someone off the bus when it started raining. Suddenly, this girl ran flying past with a big gleeful smile on her face! Unfortunately, she turned her head to look back at her parents just as she passed!

The Gardener’s House

The Gardener’s House A house in Blarney we spotted while out walking the other day.

Early Morning Bus

Early Morning Bus Early morning, catch the bus to work or school. You know exactly how she feels. Except it’s the weekend! Woo! No going to school or work!

Bird on Ground

Bird on Ground What kind of bird is this? Around a dozen congregate around our bird feeders, dive to the ground and bath in the bowl of water below, and even fight over how gets to have a bath or a feed sometimes!

Bird Feeding

Bird Feeding

Us on the tower

Us on the tower Painted with the light of a torch on a round tower in a local church yard late at night. If you look carefully you can even see stars in the sky! This page has some information about that tower: The round tower in Waterloo (approx. 1 mile from Blarney) … … […]

My Garden

My Garden.

Yellow Flower

Yellow Flower. Originally posted on this was an entry for Today FM’s Us Day. Aperture ƒ/4 Camera DMC-FZ5 Focal length 6mm ISO 200 Shutter speed 1/125s