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The Fiery Sky

The Sun shone on the underside of the clouds this morning, lighting them up in a blaze of glory. Moments later the gloom had settled in, the Sun disappeared and an hour later the rain had started. Ah well.

Aperture ƒ/5
Camera Canon EOS 40D
Focal length 180mm
ISO 100
Shutter speed 1/100s

The Eagle Owl is Watching

An eagle owl at Fota Wildlife Park watches us human visitors with careful, observant eyes.

Watching this bird and the others the trainers had was an awe inspiring experience. I’m glad I took my 75-300mm telephoto lens!

Aperture ƒ/5.6
Camera Canon EOS 40D
Focal length 300mm
ISO 100
Shutter speed 1/500s

How to (not) shoot a solar eclipse

solar eclipse

I went searching and found a few pages describing how to shoot the sun during a solar eclipse. All warned against looking at the sun directly.

So, I ignored all that advice and got out my 75-300mm lens and grabbed a couple of shots of the sun with a chunk bitten out of it by the moon. Thankfully the clouds provided a bit of a filter but my eyes are still watering a bit. Worth it?

With hindsight, what the hell was I thinking? I’m lucky my eye is fine, but if you’re going to shoot a solar eclipse, don’t look through the viewfinder. Set your camera up on a tripod and project an image of the sun on a white sheet of cardboard and then press the shutter button. Much safer than actually looking..

Aperture ƒ/45
Camera Canon EOS 20D
Focal length 300mm
ISO 100
Shutter speed 1/8000s

Doneraile Park Gallery 2

What happens when Photobloggers go to Doneraile Park? You get lots of images, that’s what. Here’s the second installment of photos from our Doneraile Photowalk. Check out the first gallery for more photos of the day. A few of these will eventually make their way into full posts but that may take a while!

I think my favourite photo from the day is this one Katie took of us exploring dilapidated buildings next to the park. Looks very suspect!

  • doneraile_photowalk_126
  • doneraile_photowalk_127
  • doneraile_photowalk_128
  • doneraile_photowalk_129
  • doneraile_photowalk_130
  • doneraile_photowalk_131
  • doneraile_photowalk_132
  • doneraile_photowalk_133
  • doneraile_photowalk_134
  • doneraile_photowalk_135
  • doneraile_photowalk_136
  • doneraile_photowalk_137
  • doneraile_photowalk_138
  • doneraile_photowalk_139
  • doneraile_photowalk_140
  • doneraile_photowalk_141
  • doneraile_photowalk_142
  • doneraile_photowalk_143
  • doneraile_photowalk_144
  • doneraile_photowalk_145
  • doneraile_photowalk_146
  • doneraile_photowalk_147
  • doneraile_photowalk_148
  • doneraile_photowalk_149
  • doneraile_photowalk_150
  • doneraile_photowalk_151
  • doneraile_photowalk_152
  • doneraile_photowalk_153
  • doneraile_photowalk_154
  • doneraile_photowalk_155
  • doneraile_photowalk_156
  • doneraile_photowalk_157
  • doneraile_photowalk_158
  • doneraile_photowalk_159
  • doneraile_photowalk_160
  • doneraile_photowalk_161
  • doneraile_photowalk_162
  • doneraile_photowalk_163
  • doneraile_photowalk_164
  • doneraile_photowalk_165
  • doneraile_photowalk_166
  • doneraile_photowalk_167
  • doneraile_photowalk_168
  • doneraile_photowalk_169
  • doneraile_photowalk_170
  • doneraile_photowalk_171
  • doneraile_photowalk_172
  • doneraile_photowalk_173
  • doneraile_photowalk_174
  • doneraile_photowalk_175
  • doneraile_photowalk_176
  • doneraile_photowalk_177
  • doneraile_photowalk_178
  • doneraile_photowalk_179
  • doneraile_photowalk_180
  • doneraile_photowalk_181
  • doneraile_photowalk_182
  • doneraile_photowalk_183
  • doneraile_photowalk_184
  • doneraile_photowalk_185
  • doneraile_photowalk_186
  • doneraile_photowalk_187
  • doneraile_photowalk_188
  • doneraile_photowalk_189
  • doneraile_photowalk_190
  • doneraile_photowalk_191
  • doneraile_photowalk_192
  • doneraile_photowalk_193
  • doneraile_photowalk_194
  • doneraile_photowalk_195
  • doneraile_photowalk_196
  • doneraile_photowalk_197
  • doneraile_photowalk_198
  • doneraile_photowalk_199
  • doneraile_photowalk_200
  • doneraile_photowalk_201
  • doneraile_photowalk_202
  • doneraile_photowalk_203
  • doneraile_photowalk_204
  • doneraile_photowalk_205
  • doneraile_photowalk_206
  • doneraile_photowalk_207
  • doneraile_photowalk_208
  • doneraile_photowalk_209
  • doneraile_photowalk_210
  • doneraile_photowalk_211
  • doneraile_photowalk_212
  • doneraile_photowalk_213
  • doneraile_photowalk_214
  • doneraile_photowalk_215
  • doneraile_photowalk_216
  • doneraile_photowalk_217
  • doneraile_photowalk_218
  • doneraile_photowalk_219

Aperture ƒ/6.3
Camera Canon EOS 20D
Focal length 10mm
ISO 100
Shutter speed 1/125s

Doneraile Park Gallery 1

Yesterday we went to Doneraile Park in Co. Cork for a photowalk. Weather was nice, if overcast and it was very warm so walking around the park was, errr, a walk in the park. Katie has already uploaded a few shots this morning! Looking forward to seeing more from the others.

This is my part 1 of my shots. There’s almost another 100 shots to upload, I think a gallery of 220 or so images might be a bit much ..

  • doneraile_photowalk_01
  • doneraile_photowalk_02
  • doneraile_photowalk_03
  • doneraile_photowalk_04
  • doneraile_photowalk_05
  • doneraile_photowalk_06
  • doneraile_photowalk_07
  • doneraile_photowalk_08
  • doneraile_photowalk_09
  • doneraile_photowalk_10
  • doneraile_photowalk_11
  • doneraile_photowalk_12
  • doneraile_photowalk_13
  • doneraile_photowalk_14
  • doneraile_photowalk_15
  • doneraile_photowalk_16
  • doneraile_photowalk_17
  • doneraile_photowalk_18
  • doneraile_photowalk_19
  • doneraile_photowalk_20
  • doneraile_photowalk_21
  • doneraile_photowalk_22
  • doneraile_photowalk_23
  • doneraile_photowalk_24
  • doneraile_photowalk_25
  • doneraile_photowalk_26
  • doneraile_photowalk_27
  • doneraile_photowalk_28
  • doneraile_photowalk_29
  • doneraile_photowalk_30
  • doneraile_photowalk_31
  • doneraile_photowalk_32
  • doneraile_photowalk_33
  • doneraile_photowalk_34
  • doneraile_photowalk_35
  • doneraile_photowalk_36
  • doneraile_photowalk_37
  • doneraile_photowalk_38
  • doneraile_photowalk_39
  • doneraile_photowalk_40
  • doneraile_photowalk_41
  • doneraile_photowalk_42
  • doneraile_photowalk_43
  • doneraile_photowalk_44
  • doneraile_photowalk_45
  • doneraile_photowalk_46
  • doneraile_photowalk_47
  • doneraile_photowalk_48
  • doneraile_photowalk_49
  • doneraile_photowalk_50
  • doneraile_photowalk_51
  • doneraile_photowalk_52
  • doneraile_photowalk_53
  • doneraile_photowalk_54
  • doneraile_photowalk_55
  • doneraile_photowalk_56
  • doneraile_photowalk_57
  • doneraile_photowalk_58
  • doneraile_photowalk_59
  • doneraile_photowalk_60
  • doneraile_photowalk_61
  • doneraile_photowalk_62
  • doneraile_photowalk_63
  • doneraile_photowalk_64
  • doneraile_photowalk_65
  • doneraile_photowalk_66
  • doneraile_photowalk_67
  • doneraile_photowalk_68
  • doneraile_photowalk_69
  • doneraile_photowalk_70
  • doneraile_photowalk_71
  • doneraile_photowalk_72
  • doneraile_photowalk_73
  • doneraile_photowalk_74
  • doneraile_photowalk_75
  • doneraile_photowalk_76
  • doneraile_photowalk_77
  • doneraile_photowalk_78
  • doneraile_photowalk_79
  • doneraile_photowalk_80
  • doneraile_photowalk_81
  • doneraile_photowalk_82
  • doneraile_photowalk_83
  • doneraile_photowalk_84
  • doneraile_photowalk_85
  • doneraile_photowalk_86
  • doneraile_photowalk_87
  • doneraile_photowalk_88
  • doneraile_photowalk_89
  • doneraile_photowalk_90
  • doneraile_photowalk_91
  • doneraile_photowalk_92
  • doneraile_photowalk_93
  • doneraile_photowalk_94
  • doneraile_photowalk_95
  • doneraile_photowalk_96
  • doneraile_photowalk_97
  • doneraile_photowalk_98
  • doneraile_photowalk_99
  • doneraile_photowalk_100
  • doneraile_photowalk_101
  • doneraile_photowalk_102
  • doneraile_photowalk_103
  • doneraile_photowalk_104
  • doneraile_photowalk_105
  • doneraile_photowalk_106
  • doneraile_photowalk_107
  • doneraile_photowalk_108
  • doneraile_photowalk_109
  • doneraile_photowalk_110
  • doneraile_photowalk_111
  • doneraile_photowalk_112
  • doneraile_photowalk_113
  • doneraile_photowalk_114
  • doneraile_photowalk_115
  • doneraile_photowalk_116
  • doneraile_photowalk_117
  • doneraile_photowalk_118
  • doneraile_photowalk_119
  • doneraile_photowalk_120
  • doneraile_photowalk_121
  • doneraile_photowalk_122
  • doneraile_photowalk_123
  • doneraile_photowalk_124
  • doneraile_photowalk_125

Aperture ƒ/7.1
Camera Canon EOS 20D
Focal length 10mm
ISO 100
Shutter speed 1/125s

The faraway hills of Arizona

The faraway hills of Arizona

When I’d look out on the desert landscape and watch the sun soak away as night fell I was always reminded of Terry Pratchett’s description of sunrise on Discworld where the sunlight slowly filled in all the dark parts of the landscape.

Aperture ƒ/6.3
Camera Canon EOS 20D
Focal length 200mm
ISO 100
Shutter speed 1/100s

Great ball of flame

Great ball of flame

Sunrise over Blarney a few days ago. There was a thin layer of cloud on the horizon that nicely blocked out much of the light of the sun allowing me to capture this early morning sun.

It’s amazing to think that the light we see takes 8 minutes to travel the immense distance between the Sun and Earth. What’s even more remarkable is the thousands of years a photon can spend zinging back and forth inside the Sun before emerging as heat and light.

Aperture ƒ/6.3
Camera Canon EOS 20D
Focal length 270mm
ISO 100
Shutter speed 1/320s

Walking on air

My brother Cathal leapt into the air to head the ball when Kilkully Decking played Mulligans played at Turners Cross a few weeks ago.

Unfortunately they lost, but it was a great game of football. Cathal played a blinder!

A child playing in the sand

This little girl was playing in the sand on the beach as we walked past. Plenty of toys about, but I don’t think she had built a sand castle yet. It’s lovely to see children playing in the sand. It’s an age of innocence and (sometimes) simple joy that we forget as adults.

A few weeks before Adam was born we went down to Garrettstown Beach in Co. Cork. The sun was shining, it was warm and the beach had a good number of people on it. Beautiful day!