Rain on the River

Rain on the River

Rain falls on a river in a town in County Clare while we were stuck in a traffic jam. I used to know what town this was taken in but now it’s a mystery. It did have a very distinctive walled off area right in the middle of the river though. Anyone recognise it?

Aperture ƒ/6.3
Camera Canon EOS 40D
Focal length 21mm
ISO 100
Shutter speed 1/100s


  1. Richard Reply


  2. Justin Watt Reply

    Wow, that’s a confusing photo. What I’m assuming is a wall in the foreground, at the bottom of the frame, completely blends in with the river on the left, and makes the old bridge/dam seem like a photoshop error on the right… :)


  3. Ken Guest Reply

    If only you had a GPS and geo-tagged it ;-)


  4. Donncha Reply

    Richard – I think you could be right. Must ask my wife to confirm!

    Justin – true, it doesn’t do the scene justice but it was shot from the passenger seat of our car while stuck in a small traffic jam.

    Ken – my new Nokai 5800 has a really nice GPS, and it’ll geo-tag photos but I can’t see myself going to the bother of shooting a photo on the phone to geo-tag an area.
    Looking forward to when my next DSLR has native gps support!


  5. Enygma Reply

    Yup,.. tis Ennistymon alright.


  6. Proinnsias Reply

    It’s Ennistymon – taking looking from the bridge heading into town from Lahinch (or heading out towards Lahinch).

    An unusual angle … there’s a lovely shot available when you go into the town across that bridge, go left, left again under an archway and down to “The Cascades” ..


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