Snowy Rooftops

snowy rooftops

This morning we woke up to the sight of snow falling. As it was still only 6am and dark outside the floodlight in the back garden picked out the falling snow beautifully. As it was still only 6am I was too tired/half asleep to go back upstairs to get my camera.

Luckily it snowed later and some of the snow lingered on the roofs, walls and cars of the neighbourhood. Here’s a photo of a neighbour’s roof, just in case we don’t get any more snow.

What with global warming and all that, I expect we’ll be basking in the sunshine next January..

Aperture ƒ/7.1
Camera Canon EOS 40D
Focal length 144mm
ISO 400
Shutter speed 1/200s

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  1. Richard Reply

    Irish snowfall…………I blame that bloody gulf stream we have. You never get the ankle deep snow, or even slush here. Just that ice cube down the back of the neck feeling as the slush melts on skin touch!

  2. Gamma Goblin Reply

    @ Richard, its not just you its fact. The Gulf Stream is the cause of all Ireland’s shitty weather. Mild wet winters, cold wet summers. The sooner global warming shifts it out of our way the better. I’m so pissed off right now I’m going down to Texaco to buy a gallon of petrol just to burn it out back.

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