Ryanair’s bumpy landing

Ryanair's bumpy landing

Will Ryanair face a bumpy landing this year?

Shots taken at Cork Airport of a Ryanair flight coming in to land. There are two small cottages just down the road from where I stood with children playing in the garden of one. I guess you get used to the engine whine after a while.

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  1. Michael Reply

    Beautiful photo-collage effect. Reminds me of the awesome split screen stuff Pablo Ferro did on the original Thomas Crown Affair, or a Lomo supersampler shot minus the crappy lomo-ness. You can almost hear the roar of the jet as it comes in to land.


  2. Voos Reply

    Great picture! I hope Ryanair doesn’t face any bad landings this year, the low cost flights sure are useful!

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