Adam O Caoimh, year one

Adam O Caoimh

I couldn’t let today go by without posting some photos of our little boy Adam on his first birthday! Happy birthday son! Mom and Dad love you to bits. Hopefully you won’t be too embarrassed by this post in years to come!

He’s grown up so fast in front of our eyes and developing into a proper little boy it’s amazing. I’d hardly recognise the tiny little baby he was just a year ago.


  1. justin Reply

    He looks really cute … and very happy.
    Happy Birthday.

  2. Donal Reply

    Happy birthday little fella!

  3. robert Reply

    He’s a handsome little man and a happy one – the eyes say it all.

    I can’t help but notice his teeth! lucas is 5 months now and the ‘joys’ of teething is being felt..

  4. Pat & Linda Reply

    What a handsome looking boy. Always has a smile on him.
    A very Happy Birthday from your cousins in Chicago

  5. Mary Reply

    Happy Birthday Adam

  6. Conor (from Cobh) Reply

    Happy birthday to the little fella, he’s looking fighting fit (not that he should be fighting anyone), and also happy.
    I assume today is also the day you took you 10,000th picture of him. Well I hope you reach a million before he’s two.

    Congrats again.

  7. Mattias Wirf Reply

    Happy birthday :) My daughter is also 1 year old, born 10 april. It’s just amazing to watch old images from one year ago, was she really that small? ;)

    Like you pictures by the way, have your blog in my Greader :)

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