An Chead Bhailiu Eile

A very old looking post box on South Main Street, Cork stands next to the brewery there.

“An Chead Bhailiu Eile” and “Next Collection” are stamped just above the letter box, and both phrases are the same in Irish and English.

Photos from were delivered today. Quality is quite good, but they messed up the crop on one photo (you can’t crop it yourself unfortunately) and another photo was missing about an inch on one side somehow.


  1. Chris Reply

    I love your photos! This one sparked a smile because I have salt and pepper shakers just like this. Good luck and all the best!


  2. Flickr: Carrignafoy Reply

    Good pic. Actually there’s an even older postbox inside the main railway station in Cork (Kent Station). It’s believed to be one of the oldest surviving postboxes in the world, dating from 1857.

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