St. Patrick’s Day Tricolour Girl

A young girl leans on a traffic light where she has a bird’s eye view of the St. Patrick’s Day Parade in Cork.


  1. Julia Reply

    Loved all your pics! Glad I found this… Will be coming back everyday for new pics for sure!
    Greetings from Rio de Janeiro, Brasil!

  2. Damien Franco Reply

    Stellar imagery. Love the expression and the composition.

  3. Nascar Reply

    what a festive picture. cute kid

  4. Flickr: Avelino Maestas Reply

    This is an incredible shot! Such emotion in her face, and such a great composition. Very well done.

  5. Flickr: Donav2007 Reply

    Piace molto anche a me questa foto, sembra quasi un personaggio di un fantastico film per bambini… e non solo!

  6. martin burke Reply

    you can see why we fight, why i and my brothers, in to they future will keep fighting for irelands freedon. ontill the day i die


  7. girls Reply

    Hey, wow, great picture. What camera was this shot with, amazing clarity. Great picture all around, girl poses good too for her age.


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