Heads up at the Lough

This was shot from a precarious position. I jumped up on one of the concrete posts dotted around the pond and very carefully snapped a couple of shots. I just about managed to balance there for a few minutes! See the two black swans everyone else was shooting?

From left to right: Donal, Ryan, Kevin, Katie and Sean spotted me and started shooting the biggest birdbrain there ..


  1. Josef Renklint Reply

    Interesting shot. Nice angle.


  2. Jacinta Reply

    You mad thing! You never mentioned that you were climbing poles on the photowalk-just as well I wasnt there!

  3. Flickr: katiecor Reply

    good shot, we were all lucky to escape from the photowalk with our lives and our cameras, what with all precariousness and near misses!


  4. Matty Reply

    Donncha. They’re coots!

  5. Donncha Reply

    Matty – I don’t give a coot! Oh, I mean hoot! :)


  6. katiecor Reply

    What, who is calling me a coot?

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