A big head is natural

I was setting up a shot by placing that wheel cap leaning on the bus shelter when these two teenagers ran across the road carrying a football goal between them!

Anyway, there’s the Murphy’s stout advert I wanted to shoot. I wonder if they advertise anywhere else in the country?

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  1. Flickr: katiecor Reply

    I thought a big head on a pint of stout was a no-no and would be sent back to the barkeep. But what do I know, the only time I imbibe stout is when it shares a glass with vodka, tia maria and coke!


  2. Flickr: Donncha @ InPhotos.org Reply

    That’s true! I don’t drink stout so that didn’t click with me! I wonder if Murphy’s will recall those posters? :)


  3. Flickr: katiecor Reply
  4. neil Reply

    In UCD, their ads mainly focus on the price difference between it & Guinness


  5. Flickr: Donncha @ InPhotos.org Reply

    BTW katiecor – I think you and Sean are reflected in that poster if you look really carefully!


  6. Flickr: stabarinde Reply

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