The Lough Photowalkers

We had a great day today. 11 people showed up at the Lough in Glasheen today for the photowalk. Pictured above are some of us. Unfortunately Patrick and Amy, and then Brendan left earlier. Thank you all for taking the time and making the effort to come. It was freezing cold and windy and it would have been so much easier to sit inside with a good book or in front of the telly!

From left to right: Sean, Kevin, Katie, Will, Donal, Sandy, Ryan and that’s me Donncha kneeling down in front. Ryan & Sandy – what’s your dog’s name again?

We stayed at the south end of the lake most of the time, probably because there was most activity there. I got plenty of shots of swans, ducks, herons and small strange black birds with a white mark. Even got a few shots of swans fighting! You can really only appreciate the size of these birds when they rise out of the air and spread their wings! Thankfully they’re very tame.

After about an hour we headed off to the Lough Church where we were filmed on CCTV taking shots of the church exterior. I wonder what the parish priest will think if he reviews those tapes in the morning. Anyway, it was getting late, I set my camera on a post, took the above shot, and afterwards myself, Kevin Will and Donal retired to The Hawthorn for some light refreshment.

If you post any photos can you tag them “corkphotowalk”? You can subscribe to the feed on the Flickr tag page or this Google Blogsearch query to see what others have posted from the day. (Google hasn’t picked up on the tag just yet.)

I had a quick look through my shots, I took 199, and there’s a couple of good ones.

Suggestions for the next photowalk? Fota perhaps? Maybe Doneraile Park?


  1. Trevor Carpenter Reply

    Way to go Donncha! Looks like you had a nice turnout and a good time.

    Having seen many of your great photographs in the recent past, I’m excited to visit Cork, myself, for the first time. I’m taking my wife on a cruise around the UK and Ireland.

    I blogged about our trip here.

  2. ryan Reply

    Trilo is the mutt’s name. Took about 270 myself, few nice ones of seagulls murdering each-other for scraps of bread. Fota Gardens is definitely a runner for the next day out. Don’t leave it too long now! :)

  3. Flickr: trilo Reply

    Hi Donncha… had a lovely relaxing time today. the mutts name is Trilo, just added a note to the photo.

  4. Flickr: katiecor Reply

    well done on organising the walk. it was my first time being involved in something like this, but certainly not my last. thank you

  5. robert Reply

    Unfortunately I couldn’t make it :(

    The small black birds with a white beak is a Coot.
    There are slightly smaller similar looking fellas with a red beak which are Water Hens or Moor Hens.

  6. sandy Reply

    Oh and a trip to Fota would be a nice one!

  7. Gavin Reply

    Sorry i couldnt make it, next time gadget!

  8. Donncha Reply

    Robert & Gavin – hopefully next time! It may be warmer whenever it goes ahead.

  9. Flickr: Donncha @ Reply

    I’m really glad you could come along! Hopefully it won’t be so cold the next time we go photowalking!

  10. Latchiko Reply

    Thanks for organising the photowalk. It was good fun – looking forward to the next one!

  11. Donal Reply

    Fota would be good, must get a zoom lens for myself before that though!

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