The rolling hills of Bantry

This is one of my favourite shots from the weekend in Bantry.

Basically I drove up the back roads out of Bantry town, then came to another town and picked the smallest road out of that place before going up a tiny little boithirin with barely room for my car. Wonderful.


  1. brendadada Reply

    Hello, found you in my referral logs, and what a pleasant surprise. I thought at first you were an ad farm, but here we are, such gorgeous photos. Have added you to my RSS reader. :)

  2. Flickr: stabarinde Reply

    The light is amazing – is this an HDR shot?

  3. Flickr: Donncha @ Reply

    No, but I used the "PERFECTLY CLEAR" technology in Bibblelabs that gives that nice glowing feel to landscapes. Doesn’t work so well with high contrast parts though.

  4. Kendra Reply

    Absolutely dreamy scenery.

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