Clouds over the Conor Pass

I’m loath to post photos from the same location day after day but I may as well call this “Conor Pass Week” and get the rest of them out of the dark where they’ve languished since 2006.

After the reaction to yesterday’s Conor Pass photo hopefully you’ll like this one too.

I have another 2 or 3 taken at the same time. The day was perfect for photography, the light was strong and to the side, there was an interesting sky and of course the scenery is beautiful. That was a very successful trip!


  1. swordie Reply

    Nice composition, I really like they way it looks down from the ‘head’ top…

  2. Flickr: rymus Reply

    love the perspective on it. Great use of the 10-20

  3. Gareth Marlow Reply

    Now *that’s* how to use a wide-angle lens. Nice one.

  4. John Mc Reply

    Love the composition. I’ve taken 100’s of photos on the Conor Pass over the years, but never thought of that composition!

  5. Flickr: barry.oshea Reply

    Really nice pic Donncha. I’m doing the same thing at the moment with pics from fuerte and venice that i finally got scanned so don’t feel bad about the location.
    Where is conor pass?

  6. Flickr: Donncha @ Reply

    Barry – it’s north of Dingle, just follow the road signs. Well worth a trip as it’s very scenic!

  7. Flickr: _Harry Lime_ Reply
  8. Flickr: foolswisdom Reply
  9. Flickr: jogorman Reply

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