Call me Spike

Frost covered weeds still manage to grow and thrive in the cold.

I saw this wonderful speckled white plant growing from a ditch yesterday morning and it looked very ominous. When I converted it to black and white I saw myself looking at something abstract, possibly evil, something that could be microscopic or huge.

I wouldn’t hang this photo on a wall, but I love it!

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  1. Mary Reply

    I would!

  2. John Reply

    Just stumbled across your blog – I really like this pic and your description.

    Could see it being used for an extravagant gothic type of wallpaper!

  3. Josef Renklint Reply

    Very nice shot, I love the b+w and the “sharp” things.. It’s been a while since I was here commenting, i’m sorry. I’ll try to get better.

  4. Kae Verens Reply

    it reminds me of Predator (the Predator’s face), or of the giant squid in Pirates Of The Carribean 3.

    or the big worms in Dune.

    scary, anyway.

  5. Flickr: cookieluver33 Reply

    WOW this is a really cool shot I LOVE it!! And your right it does look a little evil but in a very cool way!

  6. Flickr: Light_Rider Reply
  7. Flickr: Príamo Melo Reply
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