In an emergency such as a fire you want to be able to escape from a building quickly and be assured that there’s plenty of water to fight the flames. I presume these capped pipes have something to do with that purpose?


  1. Niall O’K Reply

    Nice photo…

    And (off topic, I know…) – … so I hear you’re a Nigerian now, Donncha?


  2. Donncha Reply

    Yeah, they suck. They’re ripping off my blog, but I’m not going to go after them..


  3. Donncha Reply

    Oh, I edited the url above. Remove the ___ to see the site Niall linked to.


  4. Flickr: Donncha @ InPhotos.org Reply
  5. Flickr: pota.to Reply

    I believe those are standpipes. Rather than dragging a hose up flight after flight, tall buildings have empty pipes that the fire trucks can connect to.


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