London Eye

The London Eye (or Millenium Wheel as it is also called) is clearly visible in this shot of London City Center taken last weekend as my plane banked on approach to Heathrow Airport.

We arrived around 7am when it was still dark. Thankfully I had my camera in a small bag at hand because I had missed some great shots of Tuscon, Arizona because my camera had been tucked away in the overhead bins.

Sorry for the large file size. It’s a noisy image, and Jpeg compression isn’t that great with random noise.


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  2. Flickr: Traces in the Sand Reply

    wow!! That’s great. there’s a lot of great stuff you can see there. Waterloo looks rather good from above as well

  3. Flickr: Alan Cotter Reply
  4. joseph Reply

    wow! that’s nice! i cant believe this is Lodon, a big place… then beutiful skyscrape.heheeh

  5. Anthony Reply

    Great shot Donncha.

    Just as an aside, this entry appeared with a :) smilie in the feed but that isn’t in the post itself. I’ve found this with all of my own blog entries of late. Does it have something to do with the WP Voyeur plugin?

  6. Donncha Reply

    Anthony – that’s blog voyeur alright! Strangely enough, the only feeds I’ve seen that smiley on are Irish blogs. I’m sure others have installed it but I’m obviously not subscribed to any of those other blogs!

  7. Daragh Mc Grath Reply

    Ach Donncha, you just cropped off a shot of my Apartment to the right! And thanks for waving as well!! :-P

  8. Donncha Reply

    Daragh – I was gong to wave, but you were in the shower and I didn’t want to scare you!

    I took a couple of shots, I’ll see later if I have one with more visible from the right :)

  9. Daragh Mc Grath Reply

    LOL, don’t think I should add anything further to this discussion!

  10. Flickr: JohnFinn Reply

    Very impressive Donncha. The noise is very well controlled even at 3200 ISO.

  11. Flickr: Donncha @ Reply

    Thanks everyone! It was hard enough to get good shots. I had to:
    1. Use ISO 3200 (a custom function setting on the 20D)
    2. -2 EV because I didn’t care about exposing for the darkness
    3. The aperture wide open at F/3.5.

    Even then it was a longish exposure on a fast moving plane with bumps and shaking. I was *very* glad when I saw the shot come out!

    If I had my camera in my lap while approaching Tuscon I might have grabbed a couple of stunning shots because of the American street grid system and the land was so flat. I didn’t want to miss another chance after that!

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  13. Flickr: Neil Dorgan Reply

    Very lucky & skillful to get such a great shot through a plane window.

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  15. Flickr: foolswisdom Reply

    Wow! Is this an image you had wanted to / planned on capturing or did it just land in your lap?

  16. Christine Reply

    Ok, that is *seriously* awesome. I can see the Eye, the train station, Shell’s office building (where my husband used to work), you can sort of tell where Leicester Square and that area is … so cool!

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  18. Bettythesheep Reply

    Wow, very impressive photograph!

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  21. AnaiD Reply

    Wow, it’s so impressive, the shot is brilliant. I’d really like to see it! Great!

  22. London Sightseeing Tours Reply

    What a wonderful shot of London, if you can look hard you can also see Westminster all lit up just opposite and right from the London Eye on the river.

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