Towering over Cork City

This tower is visible from a few places in Cork. I remember seeing it from near The South Infirmary and this is it seen from the multi storey carpark on the Grand Parade.

Is it up by Barracks Street?

I’m in Arizona for the week. Postings may be late in the evening.


  1. Niamh Reply

    It could be the tower on Tower Street… :)

  2. Margaret Jordan Reply

    This tower is called Callanan’s Tower.
    Here is a link to the Cork City Library website where it is described an dits history revealed.

  3. Flickr: stabarinde Reply

    It’s next to Redmonds GAA club. I used to pass it on the way to college.

  4. Flickr: Pas Poi Reply

    It’s on tower street, just in between friars walk and barrack street.

    it used to be part of the Tower Inn Pub that closed down months ago, they’re built new houses there now.

    they repainted it a year ago i guess, it used to be only stones, and they gave it this cheezy look.

    here a closer look :

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