Big brother is watching you

Big brother is watching you, wherever you go! CC TV cameras are sprouting up everywhere.

This one is just outside the AIB in Blarney. I happened to go to the AIB in Blackpool and counted at least 3 cameras near the entrance.

If you happen to use WordPress to power your blog, then grab Blog Voyeur and keep a seedy eye on your visitors.


  1. Flickr: Alan Cotter Reply

    They’ve started popping up around town aswell, though i think they’re actually Garda controlled. Not a bad thing, i don’t think.

  2. Roy Reply

    I’m considering cctv for the Taxi ……..posting the “better” results on the blog, it’d be the Dublin “scene” exposed!

  3. Paul Walsh Reply

    You think thats bad? wait till you hear about the new law demanding ISP’s to store all data for 3 years.

    You can get this 7 min 55 second audio (by me) with 4 minutes of background and 4 mins discussing the implications of this. It comes into effect in less than 4 weeks.

    You can get it here :

    Please feel free to comment on my blog, or email me to get the sources if you want them

  4. Bobby Whittaker Reply

    LOL, good stuff ! Love reading your blogs.

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