The Blarney Cat

Next time you’re in Blarney sit down on the benches next to Super Valu. Wait a few minutes and this cat will probably appear, especially in warm weather! :)


  1. Flickr: Fenstar Reply

    it looks like its has had way too much cat nip and is going sideways!

  2. Flickr: Donncha @ Reply

    Hehe. Possibly. He was very relaxed. I think it’s all the tourists. He’s a tame cat. I’ve seen him sitting on the bench next to people, and just watching the world go by. Hope he’s somewhere warm for the winter!

  3. Donal Reply

    I don’t know, looks like he’s sizing up his next victim.

  4. Trinity Reply

    aw he likes his bit of huuumon interaction :)

  5. Chris Reply

    Looks like he had a little too much to drink;)

  6. caroline Reply

    can`t get over this!! thats my cat


  7. Flickr: Cepinoo Reply

    That cat is like Garfield. Smarter than most of us humans. Therfore, not a sailor walking sideways, not on too much Irish coffee, just making fun of us. BTW: great picture.

  8. Flickr: Sadieshatterly Reply

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