Gorbys Nightclub

This alley should be familiar to almost everyone in Cork. The entrance to Gorbys nightclub is halfway down there.

Many a Saturday night was spent queuing up to get in!


  1. Flickr: Tim the sailor Reply

    Many a great night was had in Gorby’s, great memories, brought a big smile to my face. Cheers Tim


  2. Flickr: stabarinde Reply

    Many an early Sunday mroning was spent staggering out. ;-)


  3. Kelly Reply

    Gorby’s, Valentine’s Night 2008!!!! Great night!!!!!!!!!!!


  4. NYC Nightlife Reply

    Great post, I really enjoyed it. I will have to bookmark this site for later.

  5. lazy eye Reply

    i hate ye ye asshole ye are dirty bastards and deserve each and every one of ye to be lined up and shot ye fuckin knackers!

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