Halloween Pumpkin Head

A Halloween Pumpkin Head or Jack-o’-lantern stares off at the community hall where Mallow Camera Club meet each Monday.

I spotted the head after our last meeting. It’s hand-held in low light so I had to pump up the ISO to get a steady shot.

More on this Halloween tradition:

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  1. Lloyd Budd Reply

    Your image is too wiiiiiiiiiiiiiiide.

    When Barry and Mark viewed the post after I mentioned the problem on IRC, at first they also saw my details cached — oops! A refresh cleared it.

    Now the world knows I’m foolswisdom@gmail ;-)


  2. Josef Renklint Reply

    That’s real nice. Good colors..


  3. Flickr: foolswisdom Reply

    Wow, great colors and dimensions!

    I do find the right side a little noisy.


  4. jordan Reply

    interesting. good colors


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