Yellow Walking Man

An arrow points the way for walkers near Wine Strand on the Dingle Peninsula. Across the water is Ballydavid or Baile na nGall.

Beautiful clear skies, lovely calm water. Ideal weather.

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  1. Flickr: rugbier Reply
  2. Flickr: Trostan Reply
  3. Tim Reply

    Clever shot! I went to the Gaeltacht here many moons ago. I took your advice and am throwing up a few pictures on a blog, I have the same WP theme as you but slightly different subjects!
    Cheers Tim

  4. DaveP Reply

    Hmm. Looks like he’s going to feel some pain in a very short time as gravity takes hold…

  5. Josef Renklint Reply

    Nice composition.

  6. newnorth Reply

    (I can’t comment on the drawing before this but HAHAHAH :p)

    My borther saw one of those signs before and couldn’t stop laughing. It was warning drivers to watch out for hikers and he said it meant to watch out for old people. Yeah, he’s a weird one.

  7. AnaiD Reply

    Lovely picture! It really looks as if “watch out for old people”:) I’ve never seen before such signs. The background is very beautiful. I especially like the shade of the hills. Looks pretty impressive.

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