Sunlit Grassy Slopes

Tough grass that’s lovely and springy to walk on edge to the horizon where a cloud floats serenely in the blue sky. Life is good!

This is taken close to this photo of the same slope but the mood is completely different.

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  • Flickr: xeer October 15, 2007 Reply

    Ooh. Makes a nice desktop background too!

  • Flickr: reds on tour October 15, 2007 Reply

    It has that special feeling about it – love to be there today.

  • Otto K. October 15, 2007 Reply

    Oh, beautiful scene. Lovely colors.

  • Kae Verens October 15, 2007 Reply

    that’s incredible! if I came across a scene like that, I would immediately rush off to the local off-license, grab a nice sauvignon cabernet and some glasses, and enjoy it while it lasts!

  • Flickr: Barry McG October 15, 2007 Reply

    Cool blue!

    Seen in my contacts’ photos. (?)

  • Josef Renklint October 16, 2007 Reply

    Wow, like an ocean of green. Nice.

  • Flickr: foreverdigital October 16, 2007 Reply

    This matches my mental image of Ireland’s countryside :) So beautiful!

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