Windswept grass and fence

The tough grass by a beach in Kerry grows thick on this hill, bounded by a wire fence to keep curious people like myself at bay!

This is an experiment for me. I thought the b/w treatment would work well as the image is full of texture, lines and shadow. What do you think? Another similar one to follow tomorrow.

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  1. Flickr: Pete Connolly Reply

    It does indeed work well, Donncha. I love the texture of the grass, battered down but still soft and silky looking.

  2. Flickr: xeer Reply

    Thanks Pete! Nice to get a positive response! I feel the same way about it, but I wish I could have done something more with the sky! There’s a colour pic taken in the same location with a lovely little cloud in the sky. Hopefully I’ll post that during the week!

  3. ciara Reply

    I’ve always been a fan of black & white photography. One has to take a good photo, because in b&w it has to stand on its own merits and not hide behind bright colors. Ansel Adams was, of course, the master of black & white photography and demonstrated how much can be done.

    Your photograph is lovely!

    Don’t neglect the many colors in the Irish countryside. Keep up your photography, both black & white and color. There is much you see through your camera for us to enjoy. Thank you for the lovely photo.


  4. Manny Reply

    I like that post right in the middle of the field.


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