Denis MacSweeney

One of the few photography shops left in Cork City center, Denis MacSweeney’s shop in Merchant’s Quay is a simple photo development outfit. O’Leary’s Camera World and MacSweeney’s on Oliver Plunkett St. will sell you cameras and all sorts of other photography bits. Unfortunately both shops were out of 77mm filters the last few times I called in.

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  1. Flickr: uninorth13 Reply

    Actually… which camera stores would you suggest in Cork for looking for somehting new?
    I will be having a look for 8+ mpi and at least 15x optical zoom in hte next few days, maybe ordering from J&R … but want to give a shot for the local ones. :)

  2. Flickr: xeer Reply

    I bought my last lens in O’Leary’s Camera World. Sigma lenses are reasonably priced as their have a distribution centre in Bandon. Originally the main reasonI bought in Cork was so I could claim the VAT back, otherwise I’d shop online. Compare prices and shop around :)

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