The Evening Echo seller

This man has been selling the Evening Echo on Cork’s Patrick’s Street for years. Here’s a photo of him back in August 2005!


  1. Josef Renklint Reply

    Nice black and white..!

  2. Roma Reply

    Love the portrait..

  3. Detour Reply

    Sure tis the characters ye remember the best. Don’t they make the town!

  4. Flickr: photographyireland – Mark Reply

    Excellent capture. This guy is one of the Cork great characters

  5. RichardD Reply

    Greatest Characters and the Loudest Echo peddler in Cork

  6. guide to get rich fast Reply

    Echooooooo!!! echooooooo!!! He is cool!

  7. john wilson Reply

    the photo is very good but the most famous echo boy was my late father inlaw mikey o mahony who sold the echo for over 70 years .His stance was at the top of shandon st oppoosite the north chapel.Even to this day one of his sons also called mikey still sells papers at that stance .I myself live in scotland and have happy memories of selling the echo at shandon street.

  8. Eileen Reply

    I left Blarney years ago, but still like to read the Echo, I can still hear ECHOoooo after all these years and I love it.


  9. John O Mahony Reply

    I am Mikey’s son and I have very plesent memories of working for Dad. I have worked in the Shandon street area and North Gate Bridge. For 20 years.

  10. Eugene coyle Reply

    I knew Mick when I moved to cork IN 1976 HE USED TO TAKE A TEABRAKE IN THE CUBICULO BAR where I worked

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