Construction cranes at night

Cranes over the construction site at the old Guy and Company site make for a striking image at night.

This was taken from the Tesco multi-storey car park, a few metres away from where I shot Clouds move at night.

Yesterday we had to bring the car for a service so I took the opportunity to travel to visit the framer in Kilbrittain and sign the border of the prints Haydn has made. The prints look great, they’re raised up from the background border and will eventually be framed in a deep frame. I hope to post photos of my visit in the next few days if I get the time to work on the photos.

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  1. Flickr: Flo Fi Reply
  2. Flickr: frenchsvilla Reply

    hey nice one. It’s nice that there is light in the sky and that the lights are on on the street. nice shot

  3. Flickr: mayastar Reply
  4. Donal Reply

    Nice contrast in colours between the sky and houses.

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