Barry and Ann’s Wedding Party

Group shot of almost everyone who attended the wedding of Barry Owens and Ann Murphy on Saturday in Kinsale, Co. Cork. The official photographer very kindly didn’t mind when I took a few shots alongside her.

I originally decided this was going to be black and white but after consultation with my creative half (aka my wife Jacinta) I decided to post it in colour. I desaturated the image slightly and brought up the red, blue and cyan channels a bit.

If you look carefully you’ll see Barry’s brother-in-law Matt near the top of the church! Yes, that’s the sad old tosser!


  1. Matty Reply

    Cracking shot. It’s almost as if I was there!

  2. Mary Reply

    Brilliant photo Donncha, just showed it to a few workmates.

  3. Mags Reply

    We all loved it in my work too. It’s up to your usual high standards, Donncha. Thanks a million!

  4. Rod Pascoe Reply

    I’m a wedding photographer and I’d be happy with this shot!


  5. Kolly Reply

    Wonderful shoot!!

  6. Wedding Directory Reply

    I think this is a Fantastic shot. I’ve seen alot of wedding photos and the angle of this is great. Must be some lens you got there.

  7. Roman Reply

    Wonderful shoot!!

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