Mannix and Culhane

Mannix and Culhanne on Washington St, Cork.


  1. Ricky Reply

    Mannix & Culhane, I don’t know anyone who has ever gone in there. Great shot!

  2. Donncha O Caoimh Reply

    Thanks RIcky! My only defense was that I was on the way out the door to a wedding and didn’t have time to spell check the post title!

  3. Paul Reply

    Hi Donncha, I lived in Cork around 1980 / 81 and was a keen Photographer at the time. One day I was wasting away the hours and what comes along only a Sinn Fein march. One of them warned me not to photograph any of the marchers – so provided with the challenge I managed to get off 1 reasonable shot. By the way all this happened in Washington Street. Anyway – short story long I’m here now back in 2007 scanning my old photos and came across the shot – Mannix & Culhane featuring in the background (although looking decidedly derelict). Just for fun I googled Mannix & Culhane and came up with your web site. You want a copy of my picture to see ?

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