BBQ at the Waterloo Inn

Jimmy and Paul served the bbq to hungry parents, kids and everyone else at the charity bbq in the Waterloo Inn today. They spent over an hour dealing with flames and hot food at the end of a blisteringly hot day and really deserved the round of applause afterwards.
Well done guys, and thanks to everyone who helped out! It was a great day!

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  1. Flickr: xeer Reply
  2. Flickr: Alan Cotter (aka “TheBoyCotter”) Reply

    I was wondering what was going on when i walked past earlier.. it looked packed…

  3. Frank Murphy Reply

    I hope those burgers I saw being cooked at the Waterloo were purchased from my cousin Brian Osborne in Blarney Square!! A lot of my folks are from Blarney and as well as a weekend last Easter I spent many a childhood summer messing around the castle and the streams running by Pauls Cross

    I’d be very interested in having a chat with you re optimisation.

    Kind regards


  4. galy Reply

    Can someone give me the exact address of the Waterloo inn? Do they have a website?
    We spend there the night after the BBQ, it was really nice

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