Fitzgerald’s Park Reflection

Clouds in the sky reflect off the water of the pond in Fitzgerald’s Park in Cork.

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  1. Flickr: carrigman Reply
  2. NIall O’K Reply

    Looks almost like you used some sort of digital watercolour painting effect on the cloud reflections at the very bottom of the image…

    You didn’t, did you? ;)

  3. Donncha O Caoimh Reply

    It looks like it but no, I didn’t! Honest! Those are just the ripples in the water, and I hadn’t noticed they look like a painting effect. Must have been my subconscious mind doing the work. All I did was change the exposure a little, work the colours to bring out the green, and add a bit of vignette with the lomo plugin.

  4. Ed Reply

    Ha Ha, great photo, took a nearly identical photo but I had a crane in the background, I adjusted the levels though in camera though, not on the PC, as it was already over-due, so no time for a PC!

    See here,

    Tell me what you think..

  5. Ed Reply

    Oh yeah, just to add, I got rid of the crane afterward via PS, but it was shot in .jpg, so no other adjustments could have been made.

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