Oscar! Come here!

Imagine the scene. Out on a pier, I’m lying on the wooden beams over the low tide surf on the rocks below and I’m calling to my dog. Thankfully Oscar obliged and I made this photo as he walked towards me with his tongue half-hanging out of his mouth. There’s Jacinta in the background, she’s almost 9 months pregnant in this photo, but you probably can’t see the bump in this small image!

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  1. Fred Reply

    Fantastic photo. Your dog looks precious!


  2. Flickr: Barry McG Reply
  3. josef Reply

    Lovely angle!


  4. Flickr: Cian Ginty Reply

    Just going to say the same thing – nice shot.


  5. Lynda Reply

    Cowes refers to the sailing festival in Cowes in England. Similar to Cork week here.

  6. Flickr: cocoabliss Reply

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