Absolutely crazy in Ireland

I spotted this sticker on the pier at Currabinny, Co. Cork. I have no idea what “Absolutely, Crazy – Cowes’05” refers to and a quick bit of research didn’t show up anything.

Does this ring a bell with anyone?


  1. Flickr: Carrignafoy Reply

    Well Cowes is on the Isle of Wight and I know they hold a big regatta every year but beyond that I’ve no idea. Is that a Shamrock or a clover ?


  2. elly parker Reply

    I’d assume that Cowes 05 refers to Cowes week regatta on the Isle of Wight – see the way that the top of the hat looks like the hull of a boat? I’m also curious as to what appear to be letters on the upright of the cap – T/4 TC?? Nothing thrown up on google…


  3. Flickr: xeer Reply

    I think you’re right. Elly left a comment on my blog post suggesting it had to do with the Isle of Wight too. Not sure about the shamrock, that’s what threw me off!


  4. Billo Reply
  5. william murray Reply

    It does indeed refer to the regatta , I live in Currabinny and actually know the person who stuck the sticker on the pier! his name is dave :)

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