One for the road?

A bottle of Duvel beer left on a walkway near a construction site in Cork.


  1. Pete Reply

    With Duvel, all you need is one. Very nice, but pretty potent. I like your composition, lovely.

  2. Visha Reply

    This photograph reminds me of a lovely song (melody?) by Shooglenifty, a song called ‘Waiting for Conrad’. Perhaps the bottle is simply waiting for Conrad, is it not? ;-)

  3. James Farmer Reply

    I like this one, the perfect glass on the back, the colour of the bottle and the reality of the street… it’s like photographic Philip Larkin.

  4. newnorth Reply

    this one is super sweet :)

  5. Microbrew Review Reply

    Life imitating art? No I don’t believe so. Duvel is art in itself and lends itself to life. Beautiful beer to compliment any photo. Very nice photo and thought provoking as well as any great photo is.

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