The Yellow Mini

A yellow BMW Mini parked on the Washington Street a while back. It sure has room in that parking space doesn’t it?


  1. Flickr: bk86a Reply
  2. Flickr: davepolaschek Reply

    You could fit two Smarts in that space, I bet.

  3. Daragh Mc Grath Reply

    Uh huh, it sure does….wanna buy one? :)

  4. George Reply

    Anyone else think it’s a bit silly that there are 2 signposts for 1 parking space :)

  5. Donncha O Caoimh Reply

    George – it’s actually the law. If for some reason, the two sign posts weren’t there and you got a parking ticket you could take it to court and fight it!

  6. George Reply

    Wow, that’s mad! but I must remember it whenever I get a ticket again :)

  7. Matty Reply

    Brilliant shot! Love the way you’ve played with the lighting.

  8. Arjita Reply


  9. Arjita Reply

    I had no clue about this law..Thanks :)

  10. Fred Reply

    Very nice. Beautiful colors and a great capture. The 2 sign thing is rather strange, I had no idea that was the law.

  11. Barrie Segal Reply

    Very intereting parking signs!!

    Barrie Segal

  12. Sue Evans Reply

    I’m going to have one of those in May!! yay can’t wait

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