Cute little dog

A King Charles Spaniel with his owner in Paul Street, Cork a few months ago. I don’t like seeing dogs in the city because it’s so stressful for them but it was really quiet. Little fella looks worried though doesn’t he?


  1. Melo Villareal Reply

    Aside from a dog lover… I really think dogs are a good subject in each photograph

  2. Flickr: uninorth13 Reply

    He’s so cute.. and I think he looks like he’s trying very hard to be the Very Best Dog out there.

  3. Charmiane Reply

    He’s so cute I have got a king charles Max he’s only 8 months and a fully grown king charles dog…What’s his name and how old?



  4. Donncha Reply

    Charmaine – I have no idea. It’s a shot of a stranger’s dog in the street unfortunately.

  5. fernando Reply

    nice dog


  6. emily Reply

    my sister had a dog name lea.she was light brown.she was little ilove her. someone stold her.

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