Pics of the new Canon 5D Mark II?

Engadget has photos of the new Canon 5D Mark II. Unfortunately they’re fake but it gives me another reason to post this image blogged ages ago as a possible leaked photo of the new Canon 30D. I must admit, it would be nice to have an “Adams mode” on my next camera.

I’m looking forward to seeing a new Canon 5D appear. It might bring the current model down to a more reasonable level for us amateurs at this expensive hobby.


  1. McAWilliams Reply

    Well with the 1ds mk 3 out maybe we could just take the leap past the 5d and get a cheap 1ds mk2, thats what I am hoping for anyhow.

  2. Greg & Cathy Reply

    I think the picture from the Canon 5D Mark takes really clear shots. It makes your blog stand.

  3. TheBoyCotter Reply

    Reliable sources inside Canon have informed that this is indeed the successor to the 5D.. That “Call Spock” button is something they’ve been working on for a while……

  4. mxky Reply

    It seems that Robert Westin, VP for Canon Sweden, has spilled the beans on Canon’s upcoming Pre-PMA 2008 announcement. This article on (a Swedish site) quotes Westin regarding Canon’s 2007 performance and thoughts on the upcoming year. A little help from Google and some translation sites helped me read some of this stuff.

    the link :

    (Source :

  5. MXKY Reply

    I’ve waited the release since september 07. So i’m a bit disapointed. We’ll see what will happen in a couple of months. But I really think that the release of the new 5D won’t be out before september..

  6. Timothy NY Reply
  7. MXKY Reply

    Rofl, nice one, I was thinking about the futur camera, with alarm clock, cell phone, games !! omg :'(

  8. Goko Reply

    the best option on cam I have seen
    can you make sure to keep one for me pls
    If you just could fuck it will be all packet for a life
    I use 20 d and is my baby SOMETIME I even sleep with
    sorry to be bit rude but I expect to be top & I can not wait to see the beast

  9. Mike Reply

    Where is this body style coming from? the only models i have seen out of the 5D mark ll are a horizontal grip with the option to buy a vertical battery grip…?


  10. Mike Reply

    ps to the last one i have seen other pics and articles on this 1d body frame as the new 5d mark ll to clear that up a bit if not understood.

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