The Bike at the Library

Cork City Library on the Grand Parade used to have railings in front for locking up your bike. Those railings disappeared a few months ago but people still leave their bikes there.

The library itself will soon be the subject of a major facelift as a developer expands it into a new block of retail units and apartments as well as library.

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  1. Kheoh Yee Wei Reply

    i like this front shot,the bike against this interesting wall,very nice shot !

  2. Will Williams Reply

    Bikes always make a great subject, love the hint of desaturated red on the frame, nice subtle detail.

  3. JAMES HAYES Reply

    he was a brave man leaving his bike their.


  4. josef Reply

    Nice interesting photo.

  5. Flickr: aunty vanya Reply
  6. Flickr: thevagrantmuse Reply
  7. Latchiko Reply

    Great shot. The hint of desaturated red on the bike is a nice touch. And I really like how the circular wheels of the bike contrast all of the straight edges of the building.

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