The lady’s red boots

Sometimes on a cloudy and dark day something unexpected can brighten your day. These sexy red boots had that effect and I quickly grabbed this shot!

I can’t imagine the pain of walking in shoes with such high heels however. *shudder*


  1. josef Reply

    Nice angle and perspective! Love the red color.

  2. Flickr: Traces in the Sand Reply
  3. Flickr: recursion_see_recursion Reply
  4. Flickr: xeer Reply

    Trace – I think you might be right. Luckily they were walking away from me and with the traffic behind me they didn’t hear the click of the shutter!

    Recursion – I hadn’t thought of that! Poor consolation for wearing those high heels!

  5. Flickr: ngar1 Reply

    great boot shot but she should be wearing at least knee high highs

  6. Gamma Goblin Reply

    A wonderful photograph of some truely horrendous footwear.

  7. Flickr: davekoala2002 Reply

    I am in love with those lovely Red Boots. . great pic

  8. Steve Madden Reply


    The red boots and cloudy day provide a nice contrast. Amazing how
    people make instant judgement about a women based on her
    choice of footwear. Don’t discount the fact that she could be
    someone’s sister or mother? I’ll cast a vote for you!

    My 2 Cents


  9. Gwyneth Paltrow High Heels Reply

    Guess I’m a year late to the party but I must say the boots are pretty cool. Gotta give kudos to the woman daring enough to wear them. I think the jeans are what is truly horrendous. The boots are not the worst.

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